Our explosions and fires are all about illusion, rather than performing the requested disaster for real! Good planning, communication and strict health & safety measures are paramount. We have performed explosions, fires and pyrotechnic tricks in a vast range of locations interior and exterior, including large studio spaces and grade 3 listed buildings, with 100% success.

We can do ‘big’ and we can do ‘small’, but we always do ‘safe’.

We are experts at creating explosions in close proximity to cast, camera and crew. Our speciality is “Ladco Blasting”; impressive gas explosions generated by piston-operated, remote-controlled silo blasters. They’re ideal for explosive scenes requiring artists in the frame, and they’re extremely friendly to buildings and structures. Delivery of amazing ‘Backdraft’-style fire balls, and underwater explosion, is both directional and repeatable when delivered via a Ladco system.

These silo blasters, not to be confused with converted garage compressors or ‘Woofers’, are held in stock for creating an array of effects to suit your needs. We have four of these units, and the triple-run explosion is one of our favourites to perform.

Ladco systems are also wonderful for simulating flame-free destruction; the pneumatic launch of safe, selected debris through the air, released in two thirds of a second. They’re an ideal method of delivery for wartime air mortar effects.