Fire, Fire Cover & Fire Proofing

We are not arsonists. We are illusionists. As such, we operate a fire cover policy which states that ‘we will not light anything we cannot put out’, and by that we mean extinguish ourselves. As such, we often design our own fire cover into a job rather than rely on third party fire cover; this should provide both peace of mind and a cost saving.

Fire at any level is about control and respect. We use full-bore and/or micro-bore gas systems to simulate fires of any size, in all environments: studio and location. We supervise artists in close proximity to flame; a repeatable flame level will be set that can be shut off instantly with the correct control gear. We have an array of burners for fire work including a gas canon for perfect fire balls and hand-held flame bars and our recently developed Fire Flags, which can be mounted on a cherry picker for reflective or lighting purposes.

We are always mindful of the working environment and will always design a fire with adequate mechanical extraction when working in a studio or other enclosed space. We’ve also developed a clean burning system that requires no extraction; burning silently and cooler than gas, yet still with a nice coloured flame.

We’ve performed large fires in all kinds of environments where fire control has been key. As such we have perfected a highly reliable method of fireproofing: the procedure ensures flame can be run on the surface of burnable materials such as hay and straw bales with the guarantee that when we shut the gas down, flame will self-extinguish. This preparative treatment provides further peace of mind for all, and total control for us.

We have also assisted the Stunt Department on over twenty full-body burns to provide fire cover, back up support, gelling up and fire initiation; either by manual flame or remotely triggered fireball from our gas canon.