Our New Rain Crane

We have recently developed the Rowley SFX Rain Crane – a suspended rain rig flown off a cherry picker or genie boom, which delivers a great rain coverage for deep or wider shots. It was developed for the feature Everybody’s Talking About Jamie and was used for a number of scenes throughout for the opening sequences. Driven off a fire appliance, it certainly put out some grim northern weather!

Our Rain Systems

Our house-developed rain system is unique, focusing on flexibility of use and speed of rigging. Our compact system provides a great amount of rain with economical water consumption. It is silent, instant to cue and cut at the flick of a switch, and extremely mobile with 4×4 capability.

The 30ft (10m) pneumatic rain boom can be mounted on our 4×4 rain truck and will provide a large curtain of rain from high above the shot using our own modification to industry-standard rain heads.

Our hand-held rain booms of 5m are ultra-versatile and can be used in wind-up stands to reach 8m high. In hand-held mode however, we can pan and track with the camera, and turn-around time for set-ups is usually quicker than the camera.

We have also developed a self-powered on-board rain rig for moving vehicles, and our standard rain kit can be rigged almost anywhere, e.g. as an attachment to a Technocrane head, or a moving low-loader.

We’re experienced at managing rain in a studio space, with specially designed rain heads sporting a narrower pattern of spray. We also have the pumps to evacuate the necessary collection tanks or heat water for studio work such as practical baths, etc.

We only draw water legally. Please see our water policy.