Smoke, Steam & Atmos

We stock a great selection of quality smoke machines, including high volume output electric ZR units, and all the ducting kit.

Various densities of high-quality smoke fluid are on offer, including a fast-dissipating steam simulant (good for confined smoke scenes, where a build-up is unwanted). All our indoor smoke is safe for cast and crew to work in.

For interior atmospherics, in which we are well adept, we stock the DF50 haze machine: the Rolls Royce of hazers! This can be used with remote control and a substantial fan, for consistent lighting in the largest of spaces.

For exteriors, we can generate subtle mists to industrial smog. Smoke effects are at the mercy of the prevailing wind, but we’re used to working with it. We’re dab hands with the Artem smoke guns, and lay-flat polythene tube blowers are also available.

We stock pyrotechnic smoke devices that can be useful in certain situations, mostly for exterior use and available in a range of colours. For fires we stock white, black and brown, but other colours can be obtained. For more details on these, see the pyrotechnic section.

While we stock an imitation ‘steam’, there is occasionally the case for live steam, and we’re used to managing it safely.