Rigs, Engineering & Builds

We are experienced in designing and specifying specialist stunt rigs and structures, often including hydraulic and pneumatic system, the largest example being the collapsing four-bedroom stone-build detached house for the ‘King’s River Disaster’ in Emmerdale.

We have a stock pipe ramp with ‘kicker’ for over turning vehicles. We built the pneumatic flying rig for The New Worst Witch and a long list of stunt equipment for The Last Of The Summer Wine (picture Peter Sallis riding a wardrobe down a hill, or similar!) to name a few examples.

It is important to point out that we are not Stunt Co-ordinators or stunt performers and would always work in liaison with a separate qualified Stunt Supervisor where an artist is involved.

We regularly have to manufacture custom items or modify existing items as part of an effect, using a range of skills such as timberwork, metalwork, model making practices and electronics.